Design for predictability and efficiency

PREDATOR is a three-year focused-research project within the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme on Research, Technological Development and Demonstration.

The project is concerned with embedded systems that are characterised by efficiency requirements on the one hand and critical constraints on the other. This combination of requirements typically occurs in application domains such as automotive, aeronautics, multi-media and industrial automation.

Coordinated by Saarland University, a leading academic research group in timing analysis of hard real-time systems, and steered by Airbus and Bosch, two key industrial players in safety-critical industries, PREDATOR aims at:

Airbus and Bosch will pose design challenges based on experience in the design of time-critical embedded systems. These challenges will be taken up by the academic consortium members. Prototype architectures, design methods and analysis tools will be developed to solve the challenges.

PREDATOR will advance the state of the art in the development of safety-critical embedded systems to new levels of realibility, cost-effectiveness, and reduced time to market.