Project consortium

The PREDATOR consortium combines internationally leading groups in computer architecture, compilation, performance analysis, timing analysis, and real-time scheduling with an internationally leading tool provider and two strong players in the aeronautics and automotive domains:

TU Dortmund and AbsInt complement each other in the area of timing-analysis-aware compilation. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and Saarland University import complementary competence in single-task and distributed performance analysis, which will provide input to scheduling activities at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. Università di Bologna imports strong competence in computer architecture, which is indispensible for the predictability issue. Airbus and Bosch, coming from the two most important sectors of safety-critical industry in Europe, both have valuable practical experience in the area of the project. All consortium members have successfully executed international projects in the past.

Management structure

Organization chart depicting the PREDATOR management structure